First Bank Nigeria Online Banking

FirstOnline is FirstBank’s brand name for Internet Banking. The product allows customers to perform banking transactions via the Internet, without the waiting and restrictions associated with branch banking.


  • View account balances
  • View and print statement of account
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Transfer funds to 3rd party accounts within FirstBank
  • Benefits

    • Convenient
    • Fast
    • Safe
    • Accessible

    How to Activate

    For customers in Diaspora

    • NOTE: Customers MUST create a Secret question for him/her self on his/her profile.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I reset my password without sending mails?

    Click on the forget your password link on the online login page

    If a customer forgets his/her username and password what would he/she do?

    Send mail to their branch or to

    How does a customer log unto the online banking site?

    • Log on to
    • On Self Service, click on Internet Banking Log In
    • Click on either Retail User login or Corporate User login
    • Key in User ID or Corporate ID and User ID
    • Type in your Password and click Login

    What is a Token?

    A Token is a security device that generates random numbers to be used for online transfers.

    Must a customer use a token?

    Yes, it is mandatory for all customers.

    How does a customer request for a token?

    • For customer abroad
    • For customers within Nigeria
      • Visit the branch nearest to you

    FirsteConnect is a multi-platform internet payment solution that enables Merchants and Retailers accept payments for goods and services on their websites.

    Benefits/ Unique Selling Points

    • Creates online visibility at no extra cost
    • Increases awareness and reach of the SME’s products and services.
    • Provides an opportunity to interact with buyers & potential clients from all locations in Nigeria and globally.
    • Reduces cost of doing business since customers can order for goods without visiting business location
    • Online Reporting Tool
    • Opportunity to interact with buyers & potential purchasers.
    • Increased reach and sales turnover.
    • Opportunities to connect with friends and people of common interest
    • Price comparison & competitive pricing
    • Buying at discounted prices
    • Enjoy credit facility on products ( in line with consumer banking financing guidelines)